Here at Tapcart, we believe that imagery is key to a successful mobile strategy. By using beautiful lifestyle images to promote your brand’s app can instantly make an everlasting impression on customers at first glance. That’s why we provide every customer with a custom assets package including images for Facebook, Instagram, and Email marketing.

Bright. Beautiful. Human.

As you can see, having bright and exciting imagery that places your app in a natural environment improves social engagement. Our talented team of designers are experts in creating beautiful assets that will build the most traction!


Work With Influencers.

Heepsy is one of the largest online databases to find Instagram influencers in your industry. Use their email finding feature to get in touch, and the list builder to reach multiple influencers at ease. 

Pay close attention to the influencer's engagement rate-- working with influencers with a high rate will increase your reach and brand awareness. 

Retarget Your Audience.

Use your email subscribers and buyers to retarget on Facebook and Instagram ads. Simply upload your email list to your Facebook Ads Manager to increase your returning customer rate. 

Segment your list by abandoned carts, items purchased, or even purchase date to focus your ad copy to target a specific audience. 

Apps That Are Crushing it.

Here are some of the apps that have successfully engaged shoppers using custom assets.

It’s time to create an app and take your brand to the next level!

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