Now that you have an app on the App Store for your brand, its time to promote it. If you are an established brand, you should have compiled a list of emails that have subscribed to your newsletter, opted into emails, and/or have previously purchased products from your store. This guide will walk you through the best practices when promoting your app to your current user base.


Here is an example of announcing your app with multiple calls to action.


Step 1: Get the "Download on the App Store" button from Apple's website. Click here to go there.

Step 2: Get the download link to your app. There are a few ways to do this.

Method 1: Get the link from the App Store directly. To do this, go to your app on the App Store, and on the top right hand corner there is a share button. Click that, and then press Copy link. You can send that link to yourself via email or text.



Method 2: Go to to get your App Store ID. Once you find your App Store ID, add it to the end of this link:{insert App ID here}

Alternatively, you can ask any of the Tapcart team members to provide this link to you. We're always available to help via chat.

Step 3: Add the "download on the App Store" button to your email signature and add your App Store link to the image by highlighting it, and then selecting Insert Link.




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