When was the last time you we're searching for a product or service, and made a decision based on the reviews and testimonials about the app? It may have been your new car, phone, or even a Yelp review about the sushi place down the street. This proves the effect of other one person's opinion on another. That is why making sure you get app reviews is so important!

The only thing worse than having bad reviews, is having no reviews at all. Why? you might ask. The answer: Negative reviews give you a chance to make things right by responding to the customer, offering them a form of compensation, and improve your product.



So the question is...how do you solicit reviews?


  • Include your business contact or support information at the end of your app store description.

  • Ask for reviews after customers make purchases.Send a personalized 'thank you' email to every customer.

  • Offer a discount for reviews.

  • Host a giveaway for reviewers.

  • Make a big deal out of reviews you receive. Thank your customers semi-anonymously. Example: Post a social media post with a short note such as "We'd like to thank Lindsey A. for her awesome feedback."


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