You connected your store, customized your app, and you now have a live app on the App Store. What's next? We get a lot of questions on how a brand can successfully do paid advertising on for their app. Our solution is to go directly to Apple for this and tap into the over 1 Billion users on iOS devices who are searching the App Store.

Apple offers a pay-per-tap (equivalent to pay-per-click on the web) solution for businesses who want to advertise their mobile app on the App Store. Before we go into more detail, I would like to note that pay-per-tap is only available in the U.S., UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Now let's get started

Why should you do paid advertising on the App Store?

According to Apple, over 65% of downloads come from direct searches on the App Store. This is such a significant figure that you would be missing out on a lot of traffic if your search profile is not optimized. Your keywords, App Store description, and the categories you are listed under affect what search results you appear in, therefore optimizing these as your app evolves is important.

What do paid ads. on the App Store look like?

Take a look for yourself! As I searched for "Mens Clothing", I am presented with an advertisement on the first result my an app that is currently doing pay-per-tap ads. through Apple.

Does it really work?

Apple has released a number of case studies based on successful App Store ad. campaigns from companies such as Post Snap and Rosetta Stone. You can find these case studies HERE.

Where do I get started?

To get started, go to and click Start on the top right hand side of that page.

To get additional information or answer some of your more detailed questions, go to

Also, first time campaigns get $100 credit towards their ads. so you can test the waters before diving in too deep. Now go out there and crush it!





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