First Steps

Every Tapcart app begins as a 7 day free trial. During this time you can customize your app, prepare design assets, send test push notifications and more.

Throughout your app launch, a Tapcart team member will be here to help you every step of the way. You can reach us anytime on our website chat or by calling 1-310-694-9656

We believe in creating a simple, fully managed solution to take your business offer a perfected mobile shopping experience.

Launching Your App

Our mission to provide the highest quality product and experience to all of our customers. No hidden costs, setup fees or contracts. The sooner you launch your app the more free days you have on the App Store. When the free trial is over it's just $99/month to have your app live.

Naming your app

Your app's name is a key factor in how your target audience will discover your app. Balancing a short and recognizable name while remaining on-brand is critical. It must be both descriptive of what the app does, as well as be unique to your brand and customers. You are limited to 30 characters, so be creative!

  • Avoid special characters. Sometimes they may not get indexed.

  • Don’t include category names in your app name. For example, don’t use ‘shopping’ if your app is categorized under the shopping section.

  • Include one or two keywords in your app title.

  • Keep it short. We suggest keeping the character limit to 15 for greatest searchability. 


The subtitle appears below your app's name. This is meant to summarize your app in a short phrase. This is your chance to show off what makes your brand's unique at a glance. Use your brand's voice to capture your target audience.

  1. Avoid being generic

  2. Encourage product views and downloads 

Making your app on-brand

On the Tapcart dashboard, you'll have the ability to change the primary color, the accent color, and the icon color. You can either use our preselected color pallet, or enter your brand's own hex codes. This area also allows you to select your header icons for your main menu and your cart.

Primary color: The color that will be used as the main background to various parts of your app. The most obvious one would be the color of the header in your app. In the example below, this is set to white since the logo text is black.

Icon color: This is the color of the icons in your app. In the example below, this is set to a darker shade with hex code #231F20.

Accent color: This is the color of the buttons in your app. In the example below, the accent color used is #C6A95A which is a mustard-gold that is the brand's noticeable color. We recommend not using any gray-scale colors as in the user experience world gray colors are meant to convey that something is disabled.


Creating a brand logo

The brand logo is an image that will display in the header of the homepage in your app.

  • The image size must be 200×50 (i.e. 200 pixels wide by 50 pixels long)

  • The image should be a transparent PNG


The size can further be adjusted using the slider in your app's design section.


Creating an App Icon

Your app icon is one of the most important aspects of your app. It is the image that will show on your customer's device homepage. If your app icon is not enticing to click on then you are missing chances to bring them back into your app. Work with a designer at Tapcart to create an icon that is simple and recognizable to your brand.

  • Your App Icon must be uploaded as a 1024×1024 pixel PNG file

  • Keep it simple. Try to avoid using words in your app icon. If you can convey your brand with an image, it is better to do so than words.


In the example above, we have one of our most successful apps: Dixxon Flannel Co. Their app's name is very short and simple and describes their brand directly. Their tagline is "Your new favorite flannel" which gives the audience a clear expectation of what's in the app in a fun way that also entails the quality of their product.


Creating a launch screen

The launch screen is an image that will appear for 2-3 seconds prior to loading your app. This is prompted at the start of each app session, so keep in mind that if you do not fully quit the app then the launch screen will not appear again.

To optimize your launch screen, we recommend the following:

  • 1125 x 2436 dimensions to be compatible with the latest iPhone model

  • Avoid text on the sides and corners as they may get cut off in smaller iPhone screens

  • Include lifestyle imagery to ensure it grabs the attention of your audience



Editing your menu

The Tapcart dashboard gives you the power to edit your menu as well. This includes the title for each menu, the icon, the sorting, and even adding extra menu items that link to content outside of the app. This is a great place to add your videos, blogs, lookbooks, and more.





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