We’re excited to start rolling out your new version of Tapcart soon! Yet, for us to be able to successfully update your app, we need your help to make sure that your Apple Developer account is in good standing. To help us do so please follow the steps below:

1. With your Apple ID log into your Apple Developer Account at: https://developer.apple.com/account

2. Once logged in, look for either an orange or red banner asking you to sign the latest Apple Developer agreement.

3. If you see a red banner stating that your Apple Developer account membership has expired or is about to expire, please make sure to pay the $99 annual fee. This is required by Apple to have your app live on the Apple App Store

4. Once you complete these steps, please email help@tapcart.co with a confirmation, or chat us on our website.

We look forward to delivering to you and your customers our latest shopping experience!

Team Tapcart

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