To host an app in the Apple Store, there is an annual $99 fee and it is recommended to set this to auto-renew.

If you have an existing Apple Developer Account, you can migrate from an individual account to a company one. Learn how to do that in this guide.

Step 1: Get your D-U-N-S number

Step 2: Apple Developer Enrollment (Only once your DUNS number is activated)

  1. Go to:

  2. Select the Start Your Enrollment button

  3. Sign in using an existing Apple ID or click ‘Create Apple ID’ to create a new Apple ID

  4. Read the Apple Developer Agreement then check the ‘By checking this box I confirm that I have read and agree...’ box and click the ‘Submit’ button

  5. Under Select Entity Type, you MUST ENTER COMPANY/ORGANIZATION in the Entity Type dropdown and select Continue.

Note: Do NOT register as an Individual / Sole Proprietor / Single Person Business. It's extremely important that you register as a Company/Organization and not as a Personal account. We cannot support Individual accounts.

  1. Under ‘Tell me About Your Organization’, you will need to enter the Legal Entity Name and DUNS number exactly as listed in the DUNS confirmation email.

  1. Fill in your personal Contact Information for your iOS Developer Account.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, read the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, check the ‘By checking this box I confirm that I have read and agree...’, box, then click ‘Continue'

  3. Confirm the Apple ID Information, Entity Type, and Contact Information and hit ‘Continue’.

  4. You should hear back from Apple within the next 24 to 48 hours to the submitted email or phone call to verify the enrollment.

Note: If your enrollment is not approved in the next 24-48 hours please use this link to contact Apple support and inquire about the status of your enrollment.

  1. Once Apple reaches out via phone or email to verify the account, you should receive a follow-up email prompting you to submit the annual enrollment fee.

  2. Revisit your Apple Developer dashboard, fill in the billing information, and press ‘Continue’ to complete the payment and setup of your Developer Apple Account!

Step 3: Invite Tapcart to Apple Developer account

Once your account is finalized, you will need to invite Tapcart to your account by following the steps below

  1. Start by logging into your Apple Store Connect account via

  2. Click on Users and Access

  3. Click on the + symbol

  4. Then invite as an ADMIN WITH DEVELOPER RESOURCES enabled.

  5. Click Invite

  1. An implementation specialist will reach out to you upon receiving your invitation.

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