What is Tapcart Blocks?

Tapcart Blocks is a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customize your app with a variety of sections. Each block offers a different user experience for your customers to engage with your app. Our goal is to provide a set of tools that allow you to engage customers and increase your orders.

Changes you make to your app layout will update your live app in real-time. This is great for featuring new products, offering flash sales, displaying branded content and keeping your app fresh and updated.

The number of blocks you can add depends on your Tapcart plan.

  • Tapcart Enterprise has unlimited regular and premium blocks

  • Tapcart Plus has access to 15 regular blocks

  • Tapcart Core has access to 6 regular blocks

For more information on plans, check out our pricing page. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of our plans, please book a demo with our Brand Experience team.

Let’s go over each block:

Search Bar

Shoppers can use the Search Bar to quickly access any product on your store.


Product Grid

With Product Grid, you can feature the products in a collection in a two-column layout. You can display up to 8 products in the grid.


Product Carousel

This Block gives the user the ability to swipe through products in a collection. You can display up to 12 products in this block.


Collections Slider

With Collections Slider you can feature up to five collections with images in a rotating carousel. By default, there is an overlay with the collection name, which can be turned off.

To change the featured collection image, check out the Collections Images guide for instructions.


Thin Collection Carousel

The Circles block can feature up to 10 collections that one can swipe through horizontally.

To change the featured collection image, check out the Collections Images guide for instructions.


Swipeable Cards

These cards display products from a collection that can be swiped in a fun and engaging way. You can feature up to 20 products in this block.



With the Banner Block, you can upload an image that can link to a collection or web page. Web pages will open inside the app.


Video Block

Upload video content to the Video Block to make your app even more dynamic.

We recommend square videos under 10 MB’s for optimized load times in the app when using LTE/device data.

Countdown Block

The Countdown Block is an animated countdown clock used to incentivize users to act quickly. Popular use cases include a flash sale promotion, new collection drops, limited edition app-exclusives, seasonal campaigns and more.


Product Recommendation Block (Nosto)

This feature is available for Tapcart Enterprise only

Recommend products to your customers based on their shopping behavior in real-time. This will increase customer engagement, remove barriers to purchase and increase bottom-line sales.


Shoppable Instagram Block (Foursixty)

This feature is available for Tapcart Enterprise only

Your customers can shop from your Instagram feed all within the app. Not only will this drive more sales, but it will also make your app look more dynamic, on-brand, and effortlessly up-to-date.



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