In this section, you can customize the default popups for your app.

Popups will appear every time someone goes back into the app. Popups are a great tool to communicate with your customers. You can automate popups to notify customers about important settings on your app and news about your brand.

Note: In order for Gift Card and Discount popups to appear, these settings also need to be enabled in your Tapcart Dashboard under App Settings in the "Store Settings" section.

Push notification popup

Enabling this popup is critical for users to receive push notifications.


Gift card popup

The gift card popup is added here. You can remind a user that they have a gift card.


Discount code popup

You can enable a discount code to popup each time a user gets back into the app.


Forgot password popup

Customize the "Forgot Password" popup to add a fun branded message to your users to ask them to send the link to reset their password.

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