You can update your App Store Listing and Business Information in the Tapcart Dashboard under the App Settings tab.

What is the App Store Listing?

The App Store listing is critical for users to find your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The App listing holds information about your app that will be publically visible on the App Store.

This is what your App Store Listing will look like on the Apple App Store:


Here are the main elements of your App Store Listing:

App Title

The main title of your app.

Your app’s name is critical in how users discover it on the App Store so it should reflect your Shopify store. An app name can be up to 30 characters long.


  • Avoid special characters. Sometimes they may not get indexed.

  • Don’t include category names in your app name. For example, don’t use ‘shopping’ if your app is categorized under the shopping section.

  • Include one or two keywords in your app title.

  • Keep it short. We suggest keeping the character limit to 15 for the greatest searchability.

App Sub-Title

Secondary short description after your title.

The subtitle is a concise summary of your app that explains the value of your app in greater detail. You can update your subtitle when submitting a new version of your app to help you determine what is the most effective way to engage users. A subtitle can be up to 30 characters long and appears below your app’s name throughout the App Store.

Primary Category

This is particularly important for your app’s discoverability. When you choose your primary category, consider your app’s purpose, where users naturally look for an app like yours and which categories contain the same type of apps as your own. Typically for eCommerce brands, we recommend ‘Shopping’ or ‘Lifestyle’.

Secondary Category

The secondary is optional but recommended because if your app is listed in more places, it’s more discoverable. Remember: choosing categories that are not appropriate for your app is against the App Store Review Guidelines.


Search words help your customers find you in the App Store search. Choose keywords with your target audience in mind to help the search algorithm surface your app in relevant searches.


Create a compelling description to engage the user and highlight the value of your app. Be concise, informative and let your brand personality shine through. Make sure to include contact information like support or your social channels so customers can reach you directly.

Best practice: The first sentence is the most important since this is what users will see first unless they click ‘Read more’. Front-load this with the most important message first such as your app’s key features, benefits, and the most relevant keywords.

Check out our ASO Guide for more tips.

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