Deactivate your account

You can cancel your Tapcart subscription at anytime here. Deactivating your Tapcart account will remove your app from the App and Google Store, and disable usage for your current customers.

You will also lose access to the Tapcart dashboard.

Please keep in mind that removing us from your Shopify Sales Channels will NOT deactivate your Tapcart account. You will still be billed until the above has been completed.



The deactivate button works, however it will not alert you that it worked. Check your Shopify account to make sure your account is canceled.

Upgrade your plan

The Tapcart Plans include Tapcart Core, Tapcart Plus and Tapcart Enterprise.

For more details, please review the Tapcart pricing page.

You can switch your Tapcart plan at any time by contacting or calling our support line +1 (310) 694-5085.

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