Adding filters allows app users to find the exact product they want. Simply create a filter category for your customers to filter through your products.


We offer advanced search and filtering with third-party integrations like Instant Search +.

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Make sure the tags you enter match your Shopify tags. After you've tagged everything on Shopify, you can specify the labels and tags on the Tapcart Dashboard under the Settings tab and Customizations sections.


Our filters rely on your products being diligently tagged with both the product name and the collection group name they live in. For example: if you have a men's product called "Blue Shirt" which lives in both the "New Arrivals" collection and the "Men's Tops" collection then the product must be tagged with both the variant name "color-blue" AND "New Arrivals" AND "Men's Tops" to be able to filter in the app within both collections. So in a simple form, a product must be tagged with both the variant name and collection names which it belongs to.

Here is a video showing how to set up filters within Tapcart:

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