The Apple App Store requires a Marketing, Support, and Privacy Policy link for your App Store Listing. You will need to fill out these links when you're launching your Apple Developer Account.

You can update these links at any time.



These links require submissions to Apple in order to update because they are a part of the App Listing. It takes 24-48 hours to process and submit.

Marketing URL - This is your main website. For example, Chubbies is

Support URL - Add a link to your website's contact page.

Privacy Policy URL - If your store does not have a privacy policy, Shopify has an easy-to-use generator that will create one for your brand.

  1. Shopify's Privacy Policy Generator

  2. Here is our guide for how to Generate a Privacy Policy.

  3. Once your Privacy Policy is created, you will want to create a new page within your website and link the Privacy Policy to the footer of your site. Now that it is linked, you will add that URL to the App Store Listing on your dashboard.

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