Allow For Native Checkout

If enabled, this means that as long as the customer uses a compatible payment method, the entire checkout process is within the app. Be advised that if you have Native Checkout selected, but your Shopify Store does not use a supported payment gateway (Shopify Payments, Stripe, or, the app will display an error and customers will be unable to make purchases.




Native checkout VS web checkout

If disabled, this means that all purchases are completed using an embedded web browser in the app which displays the checkout page from your Online Store. Customers can still make purchases if you use other payment gateways that are not supported in Native Checkout.

Recover Abandoned Checkout

A banner pops up when the user reopens the app


Recover Abandoned Cart

A banner pops up when the user reopens the app


Notes In Checkout

You can use order notes to collect special instructions from customers about how to prepare and deliver an order


Required Phone Number At Checkout

The shopper has the option to enter their phone number to complete checkout


Apple Pay

Enable shoppers to use the Apple Pay option


Payment Methods

Enable various payment methods such as PayPal, AmazonPay, AfterPay, etc.

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