Tapcart offers two checkout options: a native checkout and an optimized web checkout.

The native Tapcart checkout is a 1-page checkout that allows for the most seamless experience. Tapcart also has an optimized web checkout that can support third-party payment methods and increase flexibility for your mobile app.




Native checkout VS web checkout

Learn more about the two Tapcart checkout experiences here:

Native Checkout

Native checkout is the most seamless checkout experience because the entire transaction happens on a single page within the app. This page combines order summary, order submission, Card scanner, Apple Pay and Google Pay. This decreases the time to complete the checkout process and increases conversions.

We support all payment processors within the Tapcart one-step native checkout.

Supported payment gateways for the native checkout include:

Web Checkout

Tapcart also supports third-party payment methods through the Shopify web checkout for added flexibility. This means that within the checkout process, the customer is transferred to a browser window to complete their purchase. This window appears within the app and is basically the merchant's Online Store on the web.

Supported third-party payment methods include Paypal, AmazonPay, Afterpay, Klarna, Sezzle, and more.



To enable this, visit your Tapcart settings and toggle the native checkout off.

International companies often need to use web checkout because we do not support their country's most popular payment gateways in our native checkout feature.

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