Multi-currency utilizes Shopify Payments' multiple currencies to allow merchants to sell their products in the local currencies of their consumers.

Why would this feature be useful?

  • You have one online store that has international traffic and want to increase conversions from your international customers

  • You want to offer regional stores

  • You have a strong international presence with stores in different countries and regions

How do I connect the feature?

Within the Shopify Dashboard, you must first manually select which currencies you wish to sell by navigating to Settings > Payments > Click the “Manage” button under Payment Providers > Click the “Add Currency” button under the “Currencies” section.


Within the Tapcart Dashboard, you will be able to enable selling in multiple currencies by navigating to the “Settings” tab in the dashboard, going to the “Store Settings” section, and enabling the “Allow multiple currencies”.


Where does this feature live within the app?

Once both multiple currencies are enabled on both Shopify and Tapcart dashboard, your consumers will be able to choose which currency they want to shop in from the left-hand menu of the mobile app.

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