Integrating Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals with your Tapcart mobile app is a powerful way to build better relationships with your mobile shoppers and boost customer lifetime value.

Incorporating Loyalty into your mobile app allows your shoppers to earn points by simply using the app they already know and love. It’s a proven way to increase purchase frequency and retain your best network of customers.

This integration is only available for the Tapcart Plus and Tapcart Enterprise plans.


How does it work?

Yotpo’s seamless integration allows merchants to reward their customers for actions like making a purchase, referring customers, writing product reviews, reaching VIP tiers, and more.

What are some of the benefits?

  • It is easy to set up a fully on-brand experience in minutes

  • You can customize your loyalty program based on your unique needs & strategy

  • The integration allows customers to earn, track, and redeem a fixed amount or percentage-based rewards in-app

How do I connect the integration?

If you are already a Yotpo customer, simply follow these steps to connect:

  • Open your Shopify Dashboard and click on the “Apps” tab

  • Find the app titled “Loyalty & Referrals by Yotpo“

  • Click on the “Settings” tab

  • Copy and paste both “API Key” and “GUID” values in their respective fields on the Tapcart Yotpo Loyalty integration page


How do I use Yotpo’s Loyalty & Referrals integration?

You can manage your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals integration from the Integrations tab of your Tapcart Dashboard.

You can customize the following fields to keep your Loyalty program on-brand:

Rewards Web URL: Connect your Store’s dedicated webpage to your Rewards Program. Your mobile app users can access the URL in the info icon on the upper right hand corner of the Loyalty User Account View. This field is optional.


Custom Banner: Show off your branding and add a splash of color in the Loyalty User Account View. The banner will also show in the Redemption View within the cart and checkout. The Custom Banner is required to enable the integration.


Customer Referral Program Description: Customize a message your customers will see to encourage them to share a referral link.


Customer Referral Program Share Message: Customize the message that your consumer’s will share.


What else should I know?

In order to utilize the loyalty functionality, the Consumer must be logged into their account. Please note that subscription products added through ReCharge will not work with loyalty programs in-app.

  1. To view loyalty rewards account info, the User Account View will have a new CTA to view their loyalty rewards account info.

  2. To redeem points for rewards, the Cart and Checkout Views will have a new CTA in the top-right corner that will open a new view to browse redemption options.

Once a reward is redeemed, it will automatically apply to the checkout as a discount or gift card.


Important Note

Redeeming a reward is a non-reversible action. Once a consumer selects a reward to redeem, they will not be able to get points back should they change their mind. However, if the Consumer does not follow through with their purchase, the reward will be saved to cache and they will be able to view their reward in an “Unclaimed” section and be able to apply it to a future purchase.

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