Integrating the Facebook SDK with your Tapcart app allows you to advertise your iOS & Android app on Facebook, as well as track your Facebook Ad clickthrough, installs, and even customer purchases.



Facebook SDK is a requirement from Facebook for advertising any app. This means you will need to enable both iOS and Android to be able to advertise both.

Before following these steps, you must have:

  • Tapcart Subscription - An active Tapcart Plus or Tapcart Enterprise subscription.

  • Published iOS and Android App (with Tapcart).

  • Facebook Developer Account - You can create one at

This walkthrough is divided into 3 sections:

Part 1: Create and add your Facebook Ad ID to your Tapcart Dashboard

Part 2: Add your Apple & Android IDs to your Facebook Account

Part 3: Add your Facebook Ad and Business IDs to your Facebook Apps Account

You won't need any technical expertise to complete this process. Let's get started!

Part 1: Create your Facebook Ad ID

Visit and login with your Facebook account.

Then, click Add a New App, then enter your app name and click Create App ID

A. Once you complete this step, you will be provided an APP ID.


B. Input the ID provided in the previous step to your Tapcart Dashboard


Once this is completed, contact a Tapcart team member to upload your app to your Apple & Google Developer account. This is required for the next steps of setting up your Facebook SDK.

Part 2: Adding your Apple IDs to your Facebook Account

Once your app is uploaded to your developer account, Apple will generate two items required for the next step: the Bundle ID and the Apple App ID.


  1. Log in to your account at Facebook Developers

  2. Click Settings in the left side menu

  3. Under Basic, fill out the Display Name, Contact Email, Privacy Policy URL, and App Icon.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click + Add Platform.

  5. Choose iOS


  6. Now you will need to retrieve a few pieces of data from your Apple account. Log into your Apple Developer Account and click My Apps


  7. Then click on your App Icon.

  8. Under General Information, make a note of your Bundle ID and your Apple ID


  9. Go back to your Facebook account. Input the Bundle ID in Bundle ID, and Apple ID into iPhone Store ID. Click Save Changes.



Facebook Android SDK

    1. Go to

    2. Go to Settings/ Basic tab

    3. Scroll to the bottom and click the Add Platform button

    4. Select Android

    5. Enter the Google Play Package Name which can be found on your Google Console

    6. Enter the Class Name value of - SplashActivity - into the Class Name field

    7. Enter the Key Hashes value of - C5yG5FcZaqe2bgu+/wDLlYgsWv0= - into the Key Hashes field

    8. Click Save


We're almost there! Now we just need to connect your Facebook App to your Facebook Ad Account and your Facebook Business so you can start running ads.

Part 3: Add your Facebook Ad ID to your Tapcart Dashboard

1. Go to your Facebook Ad Account and click your name in the top left to find your Ad Account ID.


2. Open up Facebook Developers again and Click Settings > Advanced. Scroll down to the Advertising Accounts section.


3. You will need input your Ad Account ID into the Authorized Ad Account IDs field. This is the ID number you collected in the very first step of this article - in Part 1 - Step 1.

4. As an option you can add your Facebook Business account ID to Authorized Businesses, but this is not mandatory. It's helpful to have a Facebook Business account if there are multiple coworkers who need to manage your Facebook ads.

Great Job!

Now you are ready to advertise your app on Facebook by creating Ad Campaigns. For more information on the finer points of advertising on Facebook, you can refer to Facebook's Business Help Center.

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