FB SDK + Tapcart Mobile Wishlist + Address Autocomplete

This combination is beneficial throughout the entire customer journey of your app and ties together the app with your omnichannel marketing strategies. It provides powerful analytics tools to track your advertising and allows you to gain deep insight into conversions and customer behavior.

There is no prerequisite or minimal revenue requirement for this combination of integrations and it takes less than 10 min to set up.

The Solution

You will likely be running ads for your store at some point so you might as well run pay-per-install ads to maximize your marketing dollars. The combination of free push notifications, interactive wishlist, and high converting checkout helps run these types of ads effectively.

Once you acquire the customer you can retarget them based on events they take in the app such as 'add something to cart' or 'view product'. You can retarget with FB and IG ads based on which products and collections they interact with.

It also makes the app more interactive and lets users come back to products that they like in a timely fashion. This is an additional way to drive engagement in the app which will lead to users coming back to the app and making purchases. Since the native wishlist is a Tapcart feature, there’s no additional third party cost there.

Pro tip: If you have Klaviyo, favoriting an item is an event that can be used to trigger automated push notification workflows that can be used to retain customers and increase conversions.

After you successfully retarget the user and they are in the checkout process to finally purchase that favorited item, Google Address Autocomplete can help close the deal. Address Autocomplete reduces checkout completion time drastically. With as little as 2 clicks, the integration will suggest addresses to autofill during checkout. It truly reducing the mental barriers to make a purchase because every extra second the user has to spend in the checkout is another chance to regret that purchase and abandon the checkout.

If you’re just starting out on Shopify or if you’re a well-established brand, this integration combination is for you.

Foursixty + Review app (Stamped/Yotpo) + Facebook SDK

Make your app more robust by retargeting users with rich lifestyle content and reviews.

The Solution

Integrating with Foursixty allows users to engage on your mobile app the same way they do on IG. When customers interact with the products tagged in your IG photos, those interactions trigger events through the FB SDK. This data can be used to retarget users in FB or IG ads.

Adding reviews to your app adds more engagement similar to IG comments. It will also increase conversions as social proof adds a level of added trust.

Nosto + Google Analytics + Instant Search Plus

This combination helps customers find and access products more effectively through smart search results and product recommendations that act as an upsell. GA tracks the Nosto and InstantSearch+ upsells, so you can have more data around which products are performing well which in turn will let you optimize the Nosto and InstantSearch+ search recommendations. Ultimately, when these integrations are combined they help optimize each other.

The Solution

Nosto uses AI recommendations to recommend products and help shoppers easily find exactly what they’re looking for. These recommendations appear on every product display page, so it acts as an upsell as it increases your average order volume.

InstantSearch+ empowers you to modify what search results your customers see. At the same time, it allows for predictive search based on popular and high converting search results. Ultimately this means you can modify your search results to push your highest-converting products to the top.

GA uses incoming traffic behavior to track the most popular product purchases and analytics in your app. You see what’s converting through GA, and can then use that knowledge to push products to the top in the search results.

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