This premium integration is available for Tapcart Enterprise only.

In this guide, you'll learn how to create a push notification workflow for your mobile app.

We'll focus on these popular push notifications as examples:

  • Abandoned cart

  • Abandoned checkout

  • Back-in-stock.



The abandoned cart workflow example will teach you step-by-step instructions for how to set up a metric trigger and create a workflow template, which you can then duplicate and alter depending on your push needs.

Abandoned Cart Workflow

To get started, select "create workflow" and start from scratch.


For an abandoned cart push, select "Added to cart" as the user action to trigger this workflow.


These settings make sure the customer:

  • Has a push token

  • Has not created a checkout since adding items to their cart


Then, we add the time delay and the push notification content that we would like to present for this flow, and voila! We have a complete abandoned cart push notification.


Abandoned Checkout Workflow

Now we can duplicate this flow for abandoned checkouts, and instead of the flow trigger being "Added to cart", we instead use "Checkout Started", and "Placed Order" for the filter.


Back In Stock Workflow

For Back In Stock push notifications, you can select "Subscribed to Back in Stock" as the flow trigger, and filter by the user having a push token, and check if they have subscribed to "Back In Stock " at least once since starting the flow.

You can then add a Back in Stock time delay, followed by the push content.

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