What is a push notification?

Push notifications fuel customer engagement because they are a direct path of communication. A push notification is an alert that pops up on a mobile device, similar to an SMS text message.


How do push notifications work?

With your Tapcart mobile app, you can send push notifications in real-time at any time. The user simply has to opt-in to push notifications and they will begin to receive alerts even when they are not in the app.

When a user taps on a push, they will be taken directly to your app's home page or a specific page in your app. Deep links allow for a variety of push notification use cases such as flash sales, new collection announcements, and abandoned cart recovery. Push notifications can be across all devices including iOS and Android.

All Tapcart merchants have access to unlimited push notifications. However, merchants on Tapcart Plus and Tapcart Enterprise can send rich push notifications and schedule push notifications.

For more information about plans, check out our pricing page or contact help@tapcart.co

In this section, you will learn everything you need to know to create a robust push notification strategy.

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