You can compose, manage and schedule push notifications all within your Tapcart dashboard.

Under the Push Notification Tab on the dashboard, you can edit several elements of the push notification including the headline, message, and image. Tapcart syncs with your products and collections so you can deep-link push notifications to take a user to a specific page in your app.

You have the option to send a plain text push notification or rich push notifications. With rich push notifications, you can add a single image or create an animated lookbook with your products and collections. Animated lookbook notifications are only available for Tapcart Enterprise merchants.

Steps to compose a new push notification


You can add a headline to your push notification which will be bolded. This is optional.


Compose the main body of the alert message here. A best practice is to highlight the value of the push notification towards the top of the message.

The recommended character count is less than 175.


Add an image to your push notification. You can feature a product or collection from your store.


Animated Lookbook Push Notifications

This is available for Tapcart Enterprise only.

With Tapcart Plus and Tapcart Enterprise, you can create easily create a GIF of your products and collections within a push notification. This is the most dynamic push notification you can access.


Schedule push notifications

This feature is available for Tapcart Enterprise and Tapcart Plus plans.

With Tapcart Plus and Tapcart Enterprise, you can schedule unlimited push notifications at once. You can choose when to send push notifications by date and time down to the minute. Timezone depends on your location.

You can view all scheduled push notifications on the calendar. The dates that have a triangle on the bottom right-hand corner indicate that a push notification is scheduled to send on that day. You can edit previously saved push notifications at any point by clicking on the arrow.

The push notification will be sent depending on the time zone of the user.

Once you compose and schedule a push, you can access your existing scheduled push as well as a history of past notifications.

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