Text Push

Text push notifications are simple, yet effective. You can edit the header (which is optional and will be bolded) and the main body of the message.

A best practice is to highlight the value of the push notification towards the top of the message. While the recommended character count is less than 175, you want to make sure a user can glimpse at your push and understand the point of it. Also, adding emojis is a great way to catch a user's eye. Simply hold Control + Command + Spacebar. 👍


Image Push

Add an image to your push notification. You can feature a product or collection from your store.

We recommend using lifestyle images and feature faces because they are more exciting aesthetically than a standalone product.


Animated Lookbook Push

This push notification is available for Tapcart Enterprise and Tapcart Plus plans.

With Tapcart, you can easily create a GIF of your products and collections within a push notification. With this dynamic push notification, you can add up to 5 images.

Simply select the product or collection images, and the Tapcart dashboard will automatically create the GIF.

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