Tapcart Drops empowers you to prepare new versions of your app layout and schedule it for launch ahead of time. This can come in handy if you modify the design assets of your brand consistently or have a marketing campaign for a product release or new collection drop. It can also help you know which combination of blocks, promotions, or products your customers are engaging with the most.

Steps to draft a Drop

You can design your Drops from the Drops dashboard which can be found under the Automation tab on your Tapcart dashboard. You can also access it directly by clicking this link: https://app.tapcart.com/automation

Now that you're here, welcome! The Tapcart Dashboard is where it all begins. You can create as many Drops as you want, and manage them all from your Drops dashboard.


Once you are ready to get started the first step will be choosing your layout. When creating a new drop, you can either start from scratch by clicking "create new drop" or create one based on your existing drop.


Once you have chosen either "create new drop" or build off an existing one you will be taken back to the design dashboard to add your new assets. You will also be able to add products and collections from here as well. After switching to the Drops dashboard you can accomplish the following:

- Viewing a real-time preview of your app

- Seeing your live and scheduled drops

- Editing your app theme and menu

- Showing the overlay to directly edit the live drop


After you have made your design changes and added your products and collections you can schedule your Drop.

You can accomplish this via the side menu on the left (see image below).

From here, you can rename and schedule your Drop.


Now that you have designed and scheduled your Drop, you are ready to go live with it!

Once you have chosen a release time and day the timer for that Drop will start (you can always change the time don't worry).

You also have the option to set a Drop live instantly, just select the ellipses on the Drops menu box and select "Go Live".


Don't forget you can also reschedule a drop! To clone an existing drop, go to your Drops history page and select the ellipses, then select Clone.


Keep in mind that once you begin using drops, your app will be fully managed by the Drops system. So if you are modifying your current drop, then you are making changes to your live app. If you are modifying a drop that is not published yet, you must either schedule it or make sure that you set it live manually.



  • Theme, Menu, Collections Menu, and App settings are not controlled by Drops.

  • 50 max drops are shown on the Automations tab.

  • You cannot delete past drops.

We hope you enjoy this awesome new feature! Remember if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to us at help@tapcart.co

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