Prepare for launch in 3, 2, 1 🚀

Creating a marketing strategy before you launch your app can generate awesome results. Building buzz around the app launch with promotions will ensure app downloads. Simply let people know! Post everywhere is key, from your social channels, add the announcement to your regularly scheduled email campaigns, or place a ‘coming soon’ banner on your site.

The time before your app launches is also a great opportunity to understand the key metrics, research the market and implement optimization tools to understand and improve your mobile marketing performance.

Here are some best practices to create a killer pre-launch strategy:

Create a landing page for your website

Consider creating a landing page that explains the value of your app like Extra Butter did. This is the perfect place to explain the value of the mobile app and link it to the apple store. Extra Butter promotes the landing page to their app in the footer of their website so users browsing can easily access it at any time.


Add a smart banner to your mobile site

Once your app is live, you’ll want to prompt your mobile website visitors to download the app with a banner that appears at the top of your store. The banner should direct users directly to the Apple store to download your app. You can offer an app exclusive discount code, highlight a product that is only available in your app or promote a ‘download to win’ giveaway within the banner as well.


Announce in email campaigns

Leverage your email list to get app downloads. Regularly promoting your app within your email campaigns will help convert your email subscribers into app downloads as well.


Create video content

Use video content that pops to promote your app on social, as paid ads, and even within Youtube. Video is the best way to show the app in action and get its value across. It can be used to catch someone’s attention, increase engagement and downloads.

Optimize for app store algorithms

Make sure you do your research on your target audience and competitors to make your app more discoverable in the App Stores. The app store is the biggest channel for app discovery and getting app downloads. Check out these tips to ensure your app doesn’t get lost in the app store.

Link to ASO article

Understand your apps KPIs

Understanding your mobile app’s metrics will help you gain insight into your app, improve performance and get more revenue on mobile. Here is a chart of the most relevant KPIs.


Post on social media

Promoting your app on social media is key. Your followers are loyal customers who definitely want to know about your mobile app! We recommend posting within the feed as well as in stories to capitalize on all aspects of the social platform.


A teaser video is always a great way to ignite the curiosity of your target audience. Make sure you keep it concise, focus on the app’s best features and have a strong call to action.


Influencer marketing

Working with brand influencers is a worthwhile investment because it’s comparable to or better than other marketing channels. There are different types of influencers including micro-influencer, celebrity influencer, blog influencer, social media influencer, and key opinion influencer.


Look to the future

Your prelaunch app campaign is a success… what happens next? It’s never too early to plan out other marketing initiatives down the line to retarget prospects and nurture your community. Here’s Tapcart’s guide to How to Market Your App.

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