Once your app is live, you’ll want to prompt your mobile website visitors to download the app with a banner that appears at the top of your store. The banner should direct users directly to the Apple store to download your app. You can offer an app exclusive discount code, highlight a product that is only available in your app or promote a ‘download to win’ giveaway within the banner.

Touch Dolls not only uses an app exclusive banner, but they also created a separate landing page that includes all the information about their brand new app and why it’s a necessity.

Follow these steps to unite your store with your app with a smart app banner!

Step 1: Log into your App Store Connect account

Step 2: Click on "My Apps"

Step 3: Click on the app that you would like to create the Smart App Banner for

Step 4: Locate your Apple App ID under the "App Information Tab" under General Information


Step 5: Once you have your Apple App ID, insert it into the following line of code:

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=myAppStoreID"> -- replacing "myAppStoreID" with your Apple App ID.

Proceed to your Shopify Themes Editor: click on Actions > Edit Code.


Step 6: Insert the completed meta tag in your website head, within the theme.liquid file in your Shopify theme code.

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