Here are the latest features from the July 2019 release:

Tapcart Checkout

Checking out on a mobile device is now faster than ever. With Google Address Autocomplete, the customer’s information is pre-populated based on the user account. This means your customers will spend less time filling out forms and more time completing the sale. Tapcart also offers a seamless checkout experience for the most popular payment providers. Make abandoned carts disappear by letting customers pay how they want.

Browse and Write Reviews

With our new Yotpo, and Trustspot integrations, you’ll be able to seal the deal with reviews. Nothing is more effective than a five-star endorsement from a fellow shopper. This means more conversions, better engagement, and higher average order value.


Shoppable Instagram Block

This feature is available for Tapcart Enterprise only.

We’ve partnered with Foursixty so your customers can shop from your Instagram feed all within the app. Not only will this drive more sales, but it will also make your app look more dynamic, on-brand, and effortlessly up-to-date.


3D Shopping

This feature is available for Tapcart Enterprise only.

Showcase products in full 3D Augmented Reality. Connect your app with Shopify’s 3D Warehouse so your shoppers can experience products as if they were standing right next to them.

*Please note this feature is only available for members of the Tapcart Enterprise plan


AI-Powered Personalization Platform

This feature is available for Tapcart Enterprise only.

We partnered with the world’s leading personalization platform (Nosto) so you can recommend products to your customers based on their shopping behavior in real-time. This will increase customer engagement, remove barriers to purchase and increase bottom-line sales.


Search, Sorting, & Filtering

Match shopper intent with highly-relevant search results. This new and improved shopping experience offers product filters, a better search experience, and more precise sorting that syncs with your Shopify dashboard. Empower quick purchase decisions based on customer preference.


Push Notification Center

App users can look back at all past push notifications so they can keep up with your old discount codes, limited-time collections, and new releases. This will strengthen customer loyalty and increase retention.


Collections Editor

Make your app even more unique to your brand. Now you can direct shoppers to key collections and exclusive products with the updated and fully customizable Collections Editor.


New Fonts & Icons

Give your app a makeover. We added more fonts and icons to help you deliver a more on-brand experience.


Video Block

This feature is available for Tapcart Enterprise only.

We added a video block so you can engage shoppers longer with video content and make your app even more dynamic.


To request access to any of our new features or if you have any questions, please email

Don’t forget to let your customers know they will need to update their app in order to access these new features.

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